Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lab 3 Geocoding: Starbucks Within Driving Distance of My Home

The process of geocoding is known as the process of finding associated geographic coordinates such as latitude and longitude data, such as street addresses or zip codes. The features can later be mapped and entered into programs such as ArcGIS for analysis. I have taken street data from the UCLA GIS network and location data from Starbuck.com.
The objective of my map was to see whether or not there was a Starbucks café within my driving allowance of 2 miles. I wanted to see if I could reach a Starbucks location to enjoy a cappuccino without having to use too much fuel from my car since gasoline prices are currently expensive. Locating the closer Starbucks within my radius would allow me to save time and money, while enjoying a tasty beverage.
The results showed that there were two Starbucks within a two mile radius, 3303 South Hoover Street and 3722 Crenshaw Blvd. 50 separate Starbucks were buffered and geolocated in order to help me analyze where the best possible choices were and these two fell within the boundaries given. The undisclosed location of my house fell within the two mile buffer and driving allowance.
In conclusion, the geocoding procedure of the Starbucks within driving proximity within the country of Los Angeles showed that there were many locations to choose from, yet the closest, most convenient, and most economical choices were the one that fell within the buffer range of 2 miles. This type of analysis using geocoding can help me as well as many other individuals in finding places that are to best fit their needs and criteria.

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